Exceptional functionality - this is our brief feature of the GLASS STAR shower baths and bath screens manufactured and installed. We use steel and aluminum sliding systems and fasteners that, thanks to their clean lines, provide installation of shower enclosures and shower enclosures with high aesthetic impact and perfect functionality.
The most commonly used manufacturers are Ozone, Dormacaba, Saheco

The hinges and locks used are of different applicability - opening 90 °, 135 °, 180 °. The choice of the material and the shape of the hardware is made by the client - solid brass or steel with a coating of shiny or satin chrome, stainless steel, gold. The magnetic and silicone seals are selected according to the fittings - 90 °, 135 °, 180 °. For stability and when necessary we use reinforcing levers of 45 ° and 90 °. The glasses used are 8 and 10mm thick. Colors are transparent, matt, gray, brown, blue, green. For safety reasons, all windows are hardened or laminated. We also offer individual figures on the windows that we can make by sandblasting or a photo print with UV inks / see gallery /

To ensure easy maintenance of glass showers, screens and doors in wet rooms, we offer Invisible Shild CLEAN-X treatment detergent, which prevents scale buildup on the windows and keeps them flawless.