Glazed windows

GLASS STAR offers a wide variety of glass combinations in the production of building and decorative glazing, with the possibility of incorporating decorative elements with different coverage.

The automatic double glazing production line available to us fully meets the high requirements of our customers. The company manufactures certified glazing according to EN 1279-5: 2010, both for its own needs and for its fellow manufacturers of aluminum and PVC windows.

The CE marking is compulsory according to BDS EN 1279-1 and 1279-2 of 2006.

  For the production of low-emissivity glass with soft coated glass, for cutting glass and removing the soft layer around the perimeter of the windows, we have installed a CNC control line from LISEC - Austria.


What is double glazing?

The double-glazed window is a hermetically sealed construction of two or more steps separated by a room with different spacers. In this case, we will use 75% to 90% of the window area and leave that importance, which should be excessively qualitative, satisfying all desires for heat and noise - isolation of a stable package, not a very high quality program. If you need a step that should be included in the package: double (single-chamber) glazing or trine (two-chamber) glazing. Good insulation is achieved through a combination of a quality profile with the necessary thermal insulation characteristics and a suitable glazing. The degree of thermal insulation depends on the distance between the steps, the type and their thickness. Note that thermal insulation is recommended for low-emission glass in the double glazing.

This floral glass has a thin layer of metallic oxide and the glazing with it is almost 2 times better insulator than glass with two white float steps 4 mm thick.

The coefficient of thermal conductivity U shows the amount of heat that passes through 1 square meter of glass for 1 hour with a difference in temperature on both sides - 1 degree. Argon gas application reduces energy losses and increases the insulation properties of the glass unit by about 10% (from 0.1 W / m2 K to 0.2 W / m2 K). Higher thermal insulation performance can also be achieved by installing triple (double chamber) glazing.